Question: How much does it cost per square foot?

Answer: Square footage price is a very vague concept. Square footage only applies if every lot was the same and every home had the exact same amenities. Some square footage price may or may not include driveways, landscaping, in house financing, etc. Cost per square foot provides vague and sometimes unreliable data at best. Here at King Homes we use a detailed specification sheet to provide you with reliable costs early in the project.


Question: When should I contact King Homes to begin the planning process?

Answer: You should contact us as soon as you decide you would like to purchase or build a new home as we can help walk you through the entire process.


Question: What is the first step I should take when buying my new home?

Answer: The first step is to get a pre approval from a reputable lender to determine the amount of home you can purchase. We recommend using one of our approved lenders under our finance tab.


Question: Where do you build?

Answer: We build in the entire golden triangle area including but no limited to Hardin County, Jefferson County, Orange County, Chambers County, Liberty County, Tyler County, and Jasper County.


Question: Will you build on our lot?

Answer: Absolutely, we will be happy to build on your lot or ours.


Question: Do you have any available lots?

Answer: Yes, we have available lots in our subdivision, Woosley Palms, located in Lumberton, TX. Refer to our Subdivision tab for more information and a plat of lots available.


Question: Can you build an Energy Solutions Certified home?

Answer: Yes, King Homes has partnered with Energy Solutions and all of our homes will be Energy Solutions Rated. You can click the Energy Solutions Logo on our Home Page to find out more information about what Energy Solutions is.


Question: How do I know I’m getting the best value in my new home?

Answer: Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about all the cost of buying a new home. This is why we, at King Homes, have a detailed specification sheet, to show you exactly what you are getting. We want you to purchase a new home with us because you’re comfortable and confident in doing so as opposed to being confused into doing so. It’s a simple matter of being informed up front.


Question: Who can I go to for advice in home design?

Answer: You can come to us! Because King Homes is a One Stop Shop, we can help you with all of your needs including, advice, answering questions, and creating your dream home. We have an in house design/drafting office and can help with any concerns or feedback you may need.


Question: Do I have to use one of your approved lenders to purchase my new home?

Answer:  No, we do not require that you use our approved lenders. Our lenders are people we have worked with previously, but we are able to use anyone you may be comfortable with.


Question: What makes King Homes different from other builders?

Answer: We offer a one-of-a-king specification sheet that will let you know exactly what your getting from the get go. We are very proud of our specification sheet because it can fit any customers’ needs and you won’t be shocked by unexpected costs. King Homes is a very customer based business. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you. In order to do so, we personally handle all aspects of the home building process. We do not hand your project off to a job superintendent; you will deal with us, the builder, throughout the whole process. Also, King Homes is very competitive in our pricing. We will build your Castle with the quality and precision you deserve, at the right budget for you.


Question: How long have you been building?

Answer: King Homes was established in January 1995. However, Chuck King, has been in the construction business since 1980.


Question: Are you a member of the Home Builders Association of Southeast Texas?

Answer: Yes, we are a very active member of the Home Builder Association of Southeast Texas. We have been in association since 1999 and serving on the board since 2002.


Question: In what price range do you build?

Answer: We can build in any price range to fit your needs. We have built in all ranges starting as low as 90k.


Question: Do you only build select plans or can I make modifications, or even start from scratch on a plan specific to my needs?

Answer: We can build off of your plans, our plans, or add any type of drafting surface you require to fit your needs. Please refer to our Services tab for more information.


Question: Who oversees the contractors on the job-site?

Answer: The builder, Chuck King, will be involved in all parts of the building process and will oversee all contractors personally.


Question: How important is client and builder communication?

Answer: Here at King Homes, client builder communication is a large aspect. We do not hand projects off to anyone. Our customer’s satisfaction is our main goal and we ensure it is met by handling everything personally. This key communication also ensures the job runs smoothly in a timely manner. 


Question: Can you provide references as to overall satisfaction with the construction process as well as finished project?

Answer: We have 99% customer satisfaction, and many have become friends. Please refer to our Testimonials under the Accolades tab to view what our previous customers have to say about their construction experience with King Homes.


Question: How much “customizing” can be done versus standard features?

Answer: This is your castle. We can build it with the amenities however you would like.


Question: Can appliances be up or down graded?

Answer: Yes, you have an allowance for each item on your specification sheet. This is your custom home and we are willing to accommodate for any appliances you desire.


Question: Is it possible to install window coverings while my home is being built and include it in the mortgage?

Answer: Yes, we will work with you in any way and make the building experience easiest for your needs.


Question: What is closing and how does it occur?

Answer: Closing is the final step in purchasing your new home. We strive to provide our home-buyer’s with at least 30 days advance notice prior to closing. Your lender, if non-cash sale, with re-verify your loan application paperwork (employment, funds, credit), request that you provide proof of homeowner’s insurance for the property at the time of closing, and order an appraisal of your new home. Our closing agent will order title insurance (to ensure the ownership title is clear for you) and a survey of your new home’s property to ensure no encroachments exist. At closing, ownership of the property is transferred from the builder to yourself via closing documents. Funds are transferred to the builder and you’re provided with the keys to your new home and a General Warranty Deed that reflects that you are the new owner.


Question: How do your prices compare to other Builders?

Answer: We are very competitive with comparing quality and amenities. Please refer to our detailed specification sheet when comparing to other builders.


Question: May I hire a home inspector to check my new home?

Answer: By all means, we are confident in our homes and we are having the new home inspected ourselves throughout the entire building process.


Question: After closing, how do we get a hold of you for warranty matter?

Answer: You can email us or call our office. See our Contact Us tab for more information.